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Folk Music Worldwide

An awesome site containing recordings of 1960s Radio Broadcasts of performances and interviews with folk musicians, some famous, some not. A must visit for anyone interested in folk music or music history in general.


Unfortuantely this site hasn't been actively updated in several years (don't worry, its creator is still doing fine last I heard), but it's full of all kinds of cool stuff. Search and Rescue, Area 51, Physics, etc. All very well written and captivating. Even if it doesn't soudn like your thing, you'll like it. Trust me.

Lloyd Kahn's Blog

Lloyd Kahn is the editor of Shelter Publications, which creates books based around building your own (typcially small/portable) home. He writes on a variety of other topics and has some interesting stories about the 1960s counterculture movement.


A somewhat-relic of the '90s, this site is still updated from time to time. If you hate Microsoft/Internet Explorer, this is the site for you.